Our Seven Step Financial Planning Process

Known for the thoroughness of our work, each step of our planning process is part of an established and refined system to avoid missing any steps or taking any shortcuts.   Our clients enjoy the satisfaction of knowing relevant assets will be accounted for and available strategies will be considered.

Foundation Assessment System™

We build a model that depicts the current potential financial outcome, absent any changes.  Process for modification begins.

Family Visions and Values Conversation™
Exploring various financial implications that could arise due to extended family issues, we look for potential “train wrecks” that could impact your future.  We are also looking to maximize opportunities to help the people and causes you care about the most.

Risk Assessment™

We strive to identify risks that could impact your situation, such as market risks, liability risks, moral obligations to family and legal risks from business ventures.  Then we evaluate strategies to help reduce potential exposure to loss suffered from unforeseen events.

Grid Asset Allocator™
Proprietary asset allocation and investment strategies are based on the GRID form of asset allocation, an alternative method to standard pie chart asset allocation.*

Estate Design Maximization™
Sophisticated estate designs are outlined in layman’s terms.   After an in-depth education session and review of the current estate plan, each client makes specific decisions to reflect his or her own desires.  Strong emphasis is placed on taking full advantage of estate tax reduction strategies as well as seeking to protect assets for survivors from future divorces, liability suits, creditor situations or bankruptcy issues.

Titling and Beneficiary Review™
We review the existing titling and beneficiary designations of your assets and policies.  We then make recommendations for change and assist you through the re-titling, re-deeding and changes in beneficiary designations.  Using professional persistence and a team approach, we take your estate plan from paper to reality.

Lifetime Platinum Partners™

Our partnership continues…for generations.  As appropriate, we work with your adult children and beneficiaries through an introductory Family Meeting™.  Financial planning is reviewed on an ongoing basis and remains dynamic, able to adapt to your ever-changing circumstances.

*Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.

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