Corporate Executives: Stock Option Analysis, Taxes &


Corporate executives work hard to protect their company’s future and are so often consumed with the demands of their job.  Often, these demands leave little time to focus on the executive’s own personal financial plan.  Botsford Financial Group helps corporate executives balance their personal time constraints with their desire to ensure their own personal finances and important financial matters are well-taken care of and appropriately managed.

Botsford Financial Group understands the specialized needs of high net worth corporate executives and professionals.  We know many corporate executives have unique compensation arrangements that require robust analysis and detailed explanation.  As such, we gather the various specialists on our team to help our clients formulate a fully comprehensive plan, while they’re out tackling the day-to-day demands of the corporate world.

Several of our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:  understanding of and planning for stock option grants (everything from when to exercise to associated tax considerations), analyzing and helping select appropriate pension and/or deferred compensation payouts and clarifying ESOP or 401(k) and Savings Plan Options.  Further, we provide specialized assistance in the areas of highly-concentrated company stock programs and the implications of applicable incentive programs.  While taking into account the emotional and business attachments executives have for their company stock, we help them understand the risks inherent with having a sizable concentration of wealth tied to any one particular holding.  We can provide risk assessment and transfer strategies aimed at helping client’s portfolio appreciate, while also staying consistent with the client’s overall investment objectives.

Do you, or someone you know, need guidance in making important personal financial decisions?  If so, we would love to hear from you.  We are consistently humbled by the trust that is placed in us, and we are honored and committed to serving you and the people you care about the most!

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