Divorce Planning: Financial Guidance When You Need it Most

When dissolving a marriage, emotions can run high and make it difficult to think clearly.  You will need support to make sound financial decisions during this time.  Our advisors are compassionate and can help you understand your options during and after a divorce.  Planning ahead ensures that just because you are parting with your spouse, does not mean you have to part with important assets.  Let our team assist you in these and other areas:

  • Expense Analysis
  • Mediation Assistance
  • Balance Sheet Preparation
  • Monthly Cash Flow Analysis
  • Financing/Mortgage Analysis
  • Assistance with Social Security
  • QDRO Follow up
  • 401k and Account Transfer Assistance
  • Assistance in building a “Team” of Tax Advisors, Estate Planning Attorneys, Etc. (as needed)
  • Asset Titling and Beneficiary Review
  • Family Meeting with Adult Children
  • Investment Education and Review
  • Evaluating Healthcare Options
  • Insurance Analysis (Life, Long-Term Care, Property & Casualty, Umbrella, Etc.)
  • College Planning
  • Creating of a Comprehensive Financial Plan

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